Take control of your fire system, accurate information in real time to prevent accidents. *A prompt reaction in emergency situations can make the difference in handling a crisis. With GC-Track you will have the information at your service as critical events develop. *Promote efficient consumption in the operations of your company, which you can do by properly managing the information of your HVAC system. *If you plan to increase the productivity of your assembly lines, know our solution that will allow you to make the best decisions based on indicators. *Monitor the status of industrial equipment that is an important key within your company.

Know the benefits

Each area can monitor hundreds of facilities.
You'll find our application on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, or simply log in using you web browser.
If something happens, you will be notified immediately.
GC-Track allows you to have multiple users monitoring the same location or an entire group of facilities.
Never lose data, as our service is running on the internet.
Enjoy a simple interface that will allow you to view the recorded data quickly; and share it through reports, either from the mobile application or the web version.
Monitor all your facilities at the same time, whether they are located inside or outside the country through our mobile application.

How does it work?

An innovative and advanced panel is installed in your pump room to transmit and retrieve data directly to a mobile application that will allow you to visualize any event or change detected.

If an event occurs, GC-Track automatically sends a notification to the appropriate users. No third parties, no human error. You get exactly what is happening directly to your mobile device.

Do you know
Fire Inspection?

Create maintenance, testing, inspection and performance reports based on the latest version of NFPA-25 and NFPA-72.

Lack of inspection and maintenance of fire protection systems can lead to fires and failures that cannot be controlled when you need them most.

Safety can't wait

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