GC-Track introduces a new system that allows you to supervise and monitoring the status of your fire pumping system in real time.

Web-Cloud based, the system is Designed to Get Your System in Your Pocket.

An innovative and advanced GC-RedBox is installed beside the Fire Pump Controller to acquire all the required data to transfer them to your mobile-App which permits to visualize in real time the conditions of your Pump.

You can see 24/7 the pressure of the system and the status of the motor or engine driver like: Normal Condition, Pump Running, or any detailed Pump Trouble that requires special attention in the exact timing that you need to take control of your pump equipment, or simply to notify any emergency to the proper crew in-charge of the system.

Fast response and action when a main equipment is activated could be the difference to save lives and properties. Let us help you to maintain full acknowledgement of your pumping system.

Easy to use
Fast Response
Web Cloud Based
More Secure Work Eviroments
iOS and Android Compatible
Get your systems in your pocket
Be the first to know it
Reliable and Simple ...... Safely!!!
How it Works:
GC-RedBox is an interface to be placed beside the fire pump controller that contains the digital and analog inputs to receive the connections from the alarm terminals of the main fire controller an then, under a fully compatible protocol of communication GSM/Internet, all data is ready to be monitored for the authorized users or inspectors. When the alarm is activated, the system can work for you taking some programmed actions, like send GSM text messages, emails or make phone calls to notificate the event.

GC-RedBox Can be Connected at Any Fire Pump Controller. New or Existing...
GC-Track Network:

If you have more than one pump station -located anyplace in the world- with our application you can get all your facilities connected. Just selecting or scroll down the entry data, you can review and know what is the status of your equipment, even if the fire pump is located in California, Montreal or Mexico.
GC-Track Comunication:

GC-RedBox is fully compatible with any carrier or cell phone provider located in range of the pump house, or can be connected wireless at the facility network.
GC-Track Features & Benefits:

  • Works with any fire pump controller
  • Plug & Play configuration
  • Friendly Application
  • Pressure Transducer available
  • Compatible with Standard Platforms (IOS, Android, Windows)
  • Real Time Surveillance and Monitoring
  • History Log Data
  • Multiple users
  • Unlimited Pump Network
  • Enhanced protection & maintenance for your system
  • Get Your System in Your Pocket!
GC-Track to Order:

You will receive box-kit with a pre-configured system to be installed on site with your technical team or request on-site installation.
We need just to know the model of your fire pump controller and the port of communication or internet provider. Contact our authorized dealers to place orders.
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